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Raised to serve others
Peter Donnan, MD, doctor at Medical Group of the Carolinas – Internal Medicine in Spartanburg, SC smiles at the camera
Dr. Peter Donnan comes from a family of medical professionals

Raised to serve others

By Alan Jenkins on July 20, 2020

Peter Donnan’s father started a volunteer fire department. His mother went on nine mission trips. Their family volunteered regularly.

The Donnan family was raised to serve others.

"Our parents said service was important, but they lived it, too," Dr. Donnan said.

Today, Peter Donnan, MD, continues that life of service as a new doctor at Medical Group of the Carolinas – Internal Medicine – Spartanburg.

The medical career was ingrained in the Donnan family, as well. Dr. Donnan’s mother was a nurse; his father a paramedic. His siblings all went into medicine as well – his sister is a pharmacist; one brother is also an internal medicine doctor; his other brother works as a physician assistant.

A nursing perspective

Dr. Donnan’s life of service began at his father’s volunteer fire department in Urbana, Md. It continued when Dr. Donnan went on to become a registered nurse.

Becoming a nurse first gives Dr. Donnan a unique perspective.

"It allows you to have a good idea of how the system works, and how to get things done efficiently,” Dr. Donnan said.

Nurses are incredibly observant, Dr. Donnan said, and good communicators. He tells of a hospital nurse he once knew, an older woman he thought of as a gossip. Then, he realized just how wrong he was.

"She was telling us about the patients, and what their needs were,” Dr. Donnan said. “At shift change, you needed that information.”  

Knowing what’s important

Dr. Donnan’s life of service continues, built on the foundation his parents laid at an early age – caring for others, earning their trust and giving them the best treatment possible.

"My job is to be compassionate and to give them the best advice I can," Dr. Donnan said.

A core component of that philosophy – civility.

"If you just listen to somebody and treat them nice, that will go a long way," Dr. Donnan said.

Make an appointment to see Dr. Donnan at Medical Group of the Carolinas – Internal Medicine – Spartanburg. Call 864-560-6851.