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Introducing WorkHealthySC: A Customized Approach to Workforce Wellness

Introducing WorkHealthySC: A Customized Approach to Workforce Wellness

By Staff reports on March 8, 2024

Greenville, S.C. (March 8, 2024) – In the thriving economy of the Upstate, successful businesses need a partner to keep their employees safe, healthy and on the job – while reducing expenses.

WorkHealthySC is a full-service, customized approach to workforce wellness, ensuring employees work safely and remain healthy. WorkHealthySC is an employer’s first call for any healthcare-related needs and a partner that strives to keep employees safe, well, and on the job. From occupational health to essential function testing, WorkHealthySC providers and staff have more than 200 years of experience caring for teams across South Carolina, partnering with organizations to improve wellness and reduce expenses.

“Business is booming across South Carolina – particularly in the Upstate. As our economy continues to evolve, companies need a dynamic partner that is focused on keeping their workers healthy and productive,” said Paul Butler, senior vice president. “At WorkHealthySC, we work with businesses to customize plans that help achieve their occupational healthcare goals – whether that’s working through workers’ compensation claims, finding employees who can perform their roles safely or offering onsite screenings.”

WorkHealthySC is already providing healthcare services to over 1,000 companies across South Carolina, caring for patients at occupational health offices in Greer and Spartanburg, as well as onsite clinics at numerous major manufacturers. Mobile units are also equipped to provide convenient screenings and diagnostic procedures tailored to individual business needs.

“We want to be the first call a business makes when identifying healthcare needs,” said Dr. Sajidkhan Pathan, medical director. “We are experts in occupational medicine and are happy to make onsite visits to customize our approach to ensure we are providing the best solutions possible.”

WorkHealthySC services include:

Workers’ Compensation: Our providers understand the nuances of work-related injuries and will ensure a thorough and accurate evaluation of employees’ health. For injuries followed in our office, we resolve cases 29% faster than the national average.

Physicals, Screenings & Testing: We are an employer’s trusted choice for pre-employment, DOT, firefighter/law enforcement physicals, as well as fit-for-duty, return-to-work, medical surveillance exams, and more. Substance abuse testing methods include urine, hair, breath alcohol and saliva testing. We offer random drug screen services overseen by a dedicated drug screen coordinator.

Onsite Services: Our team brings care to companies through medical clinics and mobile units, including acute, preventive, injury prevention and occupational health care. This efficient model will increase your associates’ quality of life and lower your bottom line.

Injury Prevention & Reduction: Musculoskeletal wellness interventions and proactive ergonomic assessments are delivered on the job floor. Essential function testing, ergonomic risk assessments and employer-tailored training to maximize safe functional movements for a specific task or job are vital in reducing injury risk. Functional capacity evaluations (FCE) and permanent placement services provide legally defensible verification of return to work.

Education & Wellness: Our clinicians provide nutritional counseling, health screenings for breast and skin cancer, biometric screenings and health education to enhance the wellness culture for optimal engagement of the workforce.

Businesses that are interested in a free consultation or learning more about services offered through WorkHealthySC are encouraged to visit or call Cliff Floyd, director of business development for WorkHealthySC, at 864-590-1384.

About WorkHealthySC

WorkHealthySC is a service line of Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System that offers customized workforce wellness solutions for businesses, manufacturers and public safety departments across South Carolina. To learn more, visit