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Cancer Survivorship & Looking Forward to the Future
Episode #2

Cancer Survivorship & Looking Forward to the Future

By Dr. Steve Corso on June 14, 2024


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Episode Summary

In this episode, hematology oncologist Dr. Steve Corso talks about his experience treating cancer patients in the Upstate and how his perspective changed when he faced and survived his own battle with cancer.

We discuss how the oncology teams at Gibbs Cancer Center take a multidisciplinary approach to diagnosing and treating cancer. We address myths about cancer and treatments. We also learn about HPV, its effects on cancer and how parents can help their children get ahead of future concerns. 


Topic Overview

00:00 – Welcome & intro 
00:41 – Dr. Corso’s career  
04:35 – Breast cancer risks and screening 
07:30 – Personalized, modern breast cancer care 
10:36 – Why hematology oncology? 
11:31 – Dr. Corso’s personal battle with cancer 
16:23 – Life after cancer 
21:33 – Oral cancer, tobacco & HPV 
23:17 – Conclusion & thanks