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Physician returns to practice where she grew up
Katie Friday, MD, sees patients at Medical Group of the Carolinas – Woman's Clinic – Spartanburg

Physician returns to practice where she grew up

By Jessica Pickens on March 21, 2019

Katie Friday and the Woman's Clinic go back … way back. So far back that the Spartanburg native was coming to the Woman's Clinic before she was born.

“My mother went there when she was pregnant with me,” Dr. Friday said. “Dr. Bill James jokes that I am a partner delivered by a partner of the practice.”

Ever since Katie was a child, she wanted to be a doctor.

“As a kid, if there was a problem, I liked to work through it,” Dr. Friday said. “As a physician, you get to both socialize and help the patient feel better while working through their medical issues.”

While she wanted to be a doctor, Dr. Friday didn't expect to be drawn to OB/GYN care. But after her rotation as a medical student, she found she really enjoyed the medical and surgical side of OB/GYN.

“This is a profession where I don't check the clock during the day,” Dr. Friday said. “I like working with a patient who has a problem or is pregnant. It offers variety of care. I can help a variety of ages both medically or surgically. OB/GYNs see adolescents, pregnant women and older women — it's a whole journey where you can watch patients grow.”Some of the most common issues Dr. Friday hears from patients are menstruation issues, pelvic pain or incontinence. Preventive care also comes into play with issues like osteoporosis.

“I always advocate to my patients to listen to their body and let it guide you, especially when it comes to pregnancy,” she said. “I like their care to be a shared decision. I present a solution and we work together in helping the patient make a decision that's best for them and their goals.”

Outside of medicine, Dr. Friday is excited to get back into the community that she grew up in. She enjoys traveling and trying new foods with her husband and two children, while also remodeling their new home.

“It feels right and normal to be back in Spartanburg,” Dr. Friday said. “This practice provided care for myself and family and now I'm able to give back.”

To make an appointment with Dr. Friday, call the Medical Group of the Carolinas — Woman's Clinic — Spartanburg at 864-699-5020.