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Pelham Medical Center first Orthopedic Center of Excellence in the Carolinas

Pelham Medical Center first Orthopedic Center of Excellence in the Carolinas

By Staff reports on March 21, 2024

Susan Carr began experiencing leg weakness in the summer of 2022. By September, she had trouble walking down the aisle at her daughter’s wedding.

“I would say by the end of September I was not walking a whole lot at all,” Carr said. “It just steadily progressed. By the time I came to Pelham Medical Center, I was in a wheelchair.”

Surgeons at Pelham Medical Center found a meningioma in the lining of Carr’s spine. The benign tumor was blocking spinal fluid, causing severe pain and limiting her mobility. Without an operation, Carr was headed toward total paralysis.

“I knew how bad I had gone downhill, but I don’t think I realized that I was at that point yet,” she said. “It was scary when you hear that.”

Following a successful surgery, Carr continues to improve. Her experience is emblematic of the care patients receive each day at Pelham Medical Center – which is nationally recognized for spine and orthopedic care.

Pelham Medical Center is the first hospital in the Carolinas to become an Orthopedic Center of Excellence – a DNV designation that recognizes an organization as a demonstrated leader in the safe delivery of orthopedic services.

The Orthopedic Center of Excellence honor is obtained by achieving advanced certification in at least three orthopedic programs. The hospital earned the designation for spine surgery, hip & knee replacement, and foot & ankle surgery.

Conveniently located on Westmoreland Road, just off Highway 14 and Interstate 85, Pelham Medical Center consists of 48 inpatient rooms and is continuously expanding services to meet the needs of patients. 

Myra Whiten, chief nursing officer for the hospital, said teams of surgeons, nurses, clinicians, rehabilitation therapists and support staff worked to secure the DNV designation.

“The Pelham Medical Center team works incredibly hard to ensure our patients have the best outcomes by partnering with them before, during and after surgery,” Whiten said. “If you choose to come to Pelham for your orthopedic needs, please know that we are here to help you achieve the best quality of life possible, whether that’s returning to a sport you love or helping make sure you can enjoy time with your family.”

To learn more about Pelham Medical Center, visit or call 864-530-6000.