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Honoring outstanding associates
Associate of the Year Patsy Wilkie, security and Leader of the Year Bobbie Earls, Medical Group of the Carolinas administration posing with their awards

Honoring outstanding associates

By Staff Reports on May 10, 2019

Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System has more than 9,000 associates who are vital in the day-to-day operations of the healthcare system. From caring for patients to feeding associates and visitors, each associate plays a crucial role.  

Each year, two associates are highlighted for their achievements as Spartanburg Regional recognizes a Leader and Associate of the Year as part of Hospital Week.  

The announcements were made at the annual service recognition dinner, held Thursday, May 9, at the Spartanburg Marriott. 

National Hospital Week celebrates hospitals and those who support the health of their communities through dedication and compassionate care. Here are two of our associates who exemplify that dedication:  

Associate of the Year

Patsy Wilkie, security 

A colleague wrote: 

“I received a call from a patient, who wanted to speak with me about one of our parking ambassadors, Patsy Wilkie. On January 9, the patient had been at the hospital and was getting ready to leave her appointment when her vehicle would not start.  

Patsy was doing her rounds of the parking lot when she came across the patient crying and in a panic over her current situation. The patient is a 90-year-old widow who told Patsy that she had no family close by, no one she could call, no way home and no money.  

Patsy took it upon herself at the end of her shift to arrange for a tow company to tow the patient's vehicle to a mechanic Patsy knew. Patsy managed to use some of her favors to get the patient a discount on a starter needed to fix the car and a discount on the tow bill.  

Together they were able to have the patient's vehicle towed, fixed and have her back home safely before dark for $200. After the patient returned home, Patsy followed up with a phone call to ensure she was home safely and had everything she needed.  

When I spoke to the patient, she was over the moon on how helpful and caring Patsy had been to her. She also bragged on two of our security officers for coming out to help and bringing her a snack and drink until she could get home safely.” 

Leader of the Year

Bobbie Earls, Medical Group of the Carolinas administration 

A colleague wrote:  

Bobbie is fantastic leader, mentor and role model. She approaches any situation with such calmness and courage that it provides a sense of peace for those around her. Though sometimes the issues at hand may seem impossible; she never shows reluctance and presses forward with a smile until the task is complete.  

While she is constantly “taking care of business,” she always takes the time to make sure that all associate needs are met. She also never misses an opportunity to express her gratitude for the people in her department.  

Her kind and thoughtful nature is rewarding to everyone she encounters. Her drive and passion for this healthcare organization is very inspiring. 

She always gives 100 percent of herself to others. She has been recognized by the providers who work with her for her insightful knowledge and advice, and she consistently recognizes the providers and administrative staff for their hard work.  

She takes joy in recognizing others and celebrating special events such as Hospitalist Day and Administrative Professional Day, as well as the many accomplishments in meeting goals.  

She is kind and fair in her interactions. She shows appreciation to all of the providers and staff who work with her through her words and actions.  

Everyone who works with Bobbie knows that she will provide honest and fair advice, as she can see the entire picture and is eager to work through processes to seek improvement. 

Bobbie is also personally invested in those with whom she works. Through my time here with SRHS, Bobbie has recognized my potential and continues to guide me in my career development. She allows me to take on new challenges while constantly providing a supportive role, allowing me to develop as a leader.  

She is an amazing mentor. With her support and encouragement, I have found the desire to better myself by continuing my education. She is an ideal role model and makes me want to become a better leader.  

Through her leadership, I, along with others who work with Bobbie, feel very much appreciated. We know that we make a difference in the organization through the work that we do each day.  

It truly makes a difference in your work every day when you have a leader like Bobbie Earls. We are very blessed to have such an influential, courageous, and supportive leader.” 

Congratulations to Patsy and Bobbie!