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Foundation grant will benefit memory care patients at Union nursing home 
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Foundation grant will benefit memory care patients at Union nursing home 

By Baker Maultsby on November 1, 2021

Colorful door wraps help patients identify their rooms. Stimulating interactive murals feature images of local landmarks to evoke childhood memories.  

Those improvements are planned as part of “Palmetto Pointe,” a special memory care unit at Ellen Sagar Nursing Center in Union – work that can be done thanks to a $95,000 grant from the Spartanburg Regional Foundation.  

These enhancements are designed to improve safety and quality of life for patients struggling with dementia, according to Ellen Sagar Director Annette Schaper.  

She said nearly 40 percent of the residents at Ellen Sagar suffer from memory loss. Patients with dementia may have difficulty finding their rooms and have a tendency to wander. Building a memory care unit will help Ellen Sagar Nursing Center more effectively serve those clients.  

Addressing needs 

Since acquiring Ellen Sagar Nursing Center in 2015, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System has invested in numerous improvements to the 113-bed facility. In addition, the site has received support from the Spartanburg Regional Foundation through the annual grants cycle.  

In 2016, a $53,000 grant from the Foundation funded the construction of an outdoor courtyard for residents to enjoy. 

Comfort for patients  

Schaper said the Foundation grant will enable her staff to develop door wraps that will help patients identify their rooms. Stimulating interactive murals with images of local landmarks evoke memories from childhood. The unit – to be called “Palmetto Pointe” – will be a more comfortable, cheerful place for residents.  

Schaper said Ellen Sagar receives calls on a weekly basis from Union County families who are ill-equipped to care for elderly loved ones dealing with memory loss.  

“This is a real-life problem,” she said. “These enhancements are needed. You can’t describe how much this will benefit patient care.”  

“Our patients have complex medical conditions,” said Jill Greene, senior vice president of the post-acute division. “Whatever the need, our goal is to provide a safe environment and to improve their overall quality of life.” 

Greene said the Palmetto Pointe project at Ellen Sagar “will do just that for residents. We are truly grateful for Foundation donors who have made this enhancement possible.”  

Ellen Sagar was one of 15 Spartanburg Regional departments that received funding during the Foundation’s 2021 grant cycle.   

To learn more about the Spartanburg Regional Foundation grants program, please visit