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Family nurse practitioner Alyssa Sherrill is making a big difference in little lives

Family nurse practitioner Alyssa Sherrill is making a big difference in little lives

By Taylor Deaton on November 20, 2023

Upstate native Alyssa Sherrill always had a passion for caring for others. Watching the way her mother cared for her grandparents had a tremendous impact on her life. 

"I was close with them, and I got to see first-hand what it means to take care of someone," Alyssa said.  

This is what inspired her to pursue her advanced degree in Doctor of Nursing Practice. Alyssa now works as a family nurse practitioner and is accepting new patients at Medical Group of the Carolinas – Pediatrics – Boiling Springs

"From the beginning, I knew I wanted to be in a provider role, and I love that being a nurse practitioner allows me to have the bedside experience and develop relationships but still allows me to make provider decisions," she said. 

Alyssa comes from a large, tight-knit family. 

"I'm a big family girl," she said. "I spend a lot of time at the ballpark with my nephews and cousins, watching softball, baseball and BMX." 

Alyssa loves meeting her patients when they are young and being there as they grow and develop into their own people, she said. 

"Kids are so resilient. They can be in the worst situation of their lives, and they will still accept you for who you are," she said. "That's so rewarding because you know that you made an impact on them.” 

Alyssa has always made it her mission to “make a big difference in little lives,” she said. 

Raising awareness for injury prevention in pediatrics 

Since beginning her career in pediatrics, Alyssa has seen many accidental injuries, so she understands the value of injury prevention. 

According to the National Institutes of Health, trauma is the leading cause of death in children over age 1 in the U.S. 

When talking to parents and patients, she explains the importance of children wearing the proper gear when playing sports, children wearing their helmets when riding bikes and proper car seat use.  

"Trauma prevention in pediatrics is crucial. It starts with newborns, going into a car seat, up to 18-year-olds, wearing sports gear," Alyssa said. 

By using her voice to advocate for trauma and injury prevention with her pediatric patients and families, she hopes to raise awareness and reduce traumatic injuries. 

To schedule an appointment with Alyssa, call Medical Group of the Carolinas – Pediatrics – Boiling Springs at 864-342-4090 or schedule an appointment online here.